Arent Folkers. Baptised Pieterburen 22.02.1691, son of Folkert Alberts and Grietjen Arents.
Married with:
Antje Writsers. Baptised Pieterburen 10.03.1702, daughter of Writser Harms and Wiske Benes. Married (2) Hornhuizen 18.09.1729 with Jan Rijkes Boijkema.
  1. Volkert Albers Arents. Baptised Pieterburen 2.12.1725. Married Westernieland 9.11.1752 with Jantjen Willems.
  2. Jan Arents. Baptised Hornhuisen 24.08.1727.
  3. Wiske Arents. Baptised Hornhuisen 16.01.1729.

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