Rewert Folkerts. Baptised Pieterburen 22.04.1715, son of Folkert Alberts and Hilje Harms.
Married Westernieland 1.12.1743 with:
Diewer Tonnis. Baptised Westernieland 1.01.1715, daughter of Tonnis Beenes and Frouwke Pieters
  1. Folkert Rewerts. Baptised Pieterburen 26.07.1744.
  2. NN. Baptised Eenrum 01.1749.
  3. Albert Rieuwerts Blink. Married Eenrum (banns 25.12.1786) with Martje Willems.
  4. Arent Rieuwerts Blink. Married Eenrum (banns 27.01.1787) with Elisabeth Jacobs.

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