Albert Rieuwerts Blink. Son of Rewert Folkerts and Diewer Tonnis.
Married Eenrum (banns 25.12.1786) with:
Martje Willems. Daughter of Willem Jans and Eilke Pieters.
  1. Rieuwert Alberts Blink. Baptised Eenrum 13.01.1788. Married Leens 17.05.1812 to Anje Warendorp, baptised Leens 20.09.1789, daughter of Henricus Abelius Warendorp and Trijnje Reeuwerts.
  2. Dieverke Alberts Blink. Baptised Eenrum 25.07.1790. Married to Here Jans Habbens.
  3. Aijlke Alberts Blink. Baptised Eenrum 3.03.1793. Married Baflo 16.09.1815 to Geert Abrahams Wiersum, son of Jantje Abrahams.
  4. Willem Alberts. Baptised Eenrum 3.07.1796.
  5. Frouwke Alberts Blink. Baptised Eenrum 6.01.1799, died Baflo 1.03.1867. Married Baflo to Jan Klaassen Hulst, born Nieuwe Pekela, son of Klaas Harms Hulst and Geesje Harms.

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