Lammert Pieters van Dijk. Baptised Westernieland 17.12.1752, son of Pieter Jurjens and Martjen Lammerts.
Married Pieterburen 9.05.1779 with:
Anje Peters. Baptised Pieterburen 13.09.1750, daughter of Peter Writsers and Bauke Ellens.
  1. Bauke Lammerts van Dijk. Baptised Pieterburen 23.05.1779, died Obergum 25.10.1852. Married Eenrum 27.11.1815 with Jan Pieters Huizinga.
  2. Pieter Lammerts. Baptised Pieterburen 23.05.1779, died Eenrum 9.12.1835. Married Eenrum 2.10.1814 with Grietje Jakobs Wiersema.
  3. David Lammerts van Dijk. Baptised Pieterburen 2.02.1781.

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