Pieter Jans Beukema. Baptised Leens 4.11.1736, son of Jan Pieters Boijkema and Antje Writsers. Married (2) Leens 21.09.1782 with Anje Harms from Sauwerd.
Married (1) Leens 21.04.1763 with:
Anje Duurts, baptised Leens 16.07.1741, daughter of Duurt Jans and Abeltje Steenhuisen. Died before 1782.
  1. Jan Pieters Beukema. Baptised Leens 21.04.1764.
  2. Abeltje Pieters Beukema. Baptised Leens 28.12.1765, died Veendam 18.10.1817. Married Leens 6.03.1785 with Abraham Harms Staal, son of Harm Bartels Staal and Geezina Roelfs.
  3. Jan Pieters Beukema. Born/baptised Leens 1/7.01.1769, died Warfhuizen 14.11.1820. Married Warfhuizen 17.10.1795 with IJtje Jans de Jonge.
  4. Duurt Pieters Beukema. Baptised Leens 26.07.1772, died there 9.10.1846. Married Warffum 26.05.1805 Martje Garmts Elings, daughter of Garmt H. Elings and A.S. Broeils.
  5. Rijke Pieters Beukema. Baptised Leens 11.06.1775.
  6. Writser Pieters Beukema. Baptised Leens 1.02.1778, died Assen 11.08.1823. Married Leens 21.03.1800 with Anje Berends ter Veen, daughter of Berent ter Veen and Martje Klaassens Wierenga.

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