Jan Jans, wedman in Warfhuizen. Died there 21.02.1784. Probabily son of Jan and Jantien.
Married Warfhuizen 4.06.1747 with:
Pieterke Jurjens. Died Warfhuizen 27.11.1784, daughter of Jurjen Reinders and Leentje Thomas.
  1. Leentje Jans. Baptised Warfhuizen 31.03.1748. Married Warfhuizen 24.04.1774 with Roelof Eckes.
  2. Jantien Jans. Baptised Warfhuizen 1.03.1750. Married with Harmannus Gaukes.
  3. Geertruid Jans. Baptised Warfhuizen 31.12.1752. Married (1) Warfhuizen 6.03.1774 with Eje Fridses, widower of Anje Harms. Married (2) with Luitjen Clasen.
  4. Jan Jans. Baptised Warfhuizen 29.02.1756.
  5. IJtje Jans de Jonge. Baptised Warfhuizen 2.09.1759. Married (1) Warfhuizen 8.12.1782 with Berent Pieters, who died there 2.02.1795. Married (2) Warfhuizen 17.10.1795 with Jan Pieters Beukema.
  6. Geertruid Jans. Baptised Warfhuizen 4.07.1762. Married Warfhuizen 24.04.1784 with Abel Reinders.
  7. Jan Jans. Baptised Warfhuizen 5.02.1765.

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