Pieter Sikkes. Baker in Westeremden. Baptised Eenrum 21.11.1723, son of Sikke Pieters and Anje Clasen. Buried Westeremden 3.01.1793.
Married (banns Middelstum 5.04.1755) with:

Nanje Heertjes. Baptised Middelstum 8.02.1733, buried Westeremden 18.03.1803, daughter of Heertje Jans and Grietie Hindriks.
  1. Sikke Pieters. Baptised Westeremden 11.04.1756. Died before 1.05.1803. Married Holwierde 18.11.1787 with Hilje Jans Smit, daughter of Jan Alberts Smit and Geertje Hindriks.
  2. Heertje Pieters. Baptised Westeremden 5.02.1758. Died young.
  3. Grietje Pieters Steenhuis. Baptised Westeremden 24.02.1760. Died Garrelsweer 14.11.1846. Married Westeremden 27.03.1803 with Willem Tonnis Land.
  4. Anje Pieters Steenhuis. Baptised Westeremden 24.10.1762.
  5. Bauke Pieters Steenhuis. Baptised Westeremden 23.10.1765. Died Losdorp 3.02.1820. Married Westeremden 25.05.1786 with Jannes Harmannus Bruins.
  6. Heertjen Pieters Steenhuis. Baptised Westeremden 28.02.1768. Died there 20.08.1826. Married there 7.11.1802 with Freeke Sirps Elema, daughter of Sirp Reinders Elema and Fokeltje Jans.
  7. Claas Pieters Steenhuis. Baptised Westeremden 24.06.1770. Died before 1.05.1803. Married there 9.07.1797 with Trijntje Thomas Kramer, daughter of Thomas Pieters and Aaltjen Claassen.
  8. Trijntje Pieters. Baptised Westeremden 21.03.1773. Died young.

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