Jannes Jans. Born/baptised de Leek 21.05.1724, son of Jan Isebrants and Aaltjen Hansen (Name in baptism record is given as Jan.)
Married there 24.04.1757 with:
Hindrikje Riemers. Born/baptised de Leek 25.12.1725, daughter of Riemer Derx and Martje Willems.
  1. Aeltje Jannes. Baptised de Leek 8.01.1758. Married Tolbert 16.05.1779 with Jochem Jans Lieffring.
  2. Martje Jannes. Baptised de Leek 4.10.1759. Married with Marten Eelkes.
  3. Sjoukje Jannes. Baptised de Leek 8.08.1762. Married with Jacob Harms.
  4. Hantje Jannes. Baptised de Leek 17.02.1765. Married there 10.05.1789 with Jan Wiebes Bos.
  5. Jantje Jannes. Baptised de Leek 26.06.1768.

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