Pieter Harms Kuiper. Doopgezinde. Probably a son of Mr. Harmen Peters and Grietje Peters who were married in 1738 "in de MennotenKerk". Died Westeremden 3.11.1804.
Married Westeremden 23.04.1785 with:
Martje Klasens Dijkema. Born 15.02.1756, daughter of Klaas Everts and Reintje Jacobs.
  1. Klaas Everts Kuiper. Born 21.12.1787. Married Middelstum 21.04.1813 with Jantje Fridus Apol, daughter of Fridus Apol and Jaaptje Jacobs.
  2. Grietje Pieters Kuiper. Born Westeremden 27.12.1789, died Uitwierde 21.01.1872. Married with Tjark Fokkes de Boer.
  3. Jacob Pieters Kuiper. Born 25.12.1792. Married 't Zandt 15.03.1823 with Lutgert Pieters Doornbos, baptised Holwierde 18.01.1795, daughter of Pieter Klasens Doornbos and Anje Lamberts.
  4. Harm Pieters Kuiper. Born 5.08.1795.
  5. Reintje Pieters Kuiper. Born 4.06.1800. Married Middelstum 19.05.1819 with Jan Beerends Kamphuis.
  6. Evert Pieters Kuiper. Born Zeerijp 4.02.1802. Married (1) with Frouke Heres Heersema. Married (2) with Kornelia Gerrits Bennema.

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