Albert Uges. Baptised Leek 3.08.1753, son of Uge Alberts and Aaltje Jacobs
Married with:
Aeltje Hansens. Baptised Leek 24.11.1754, daughter of Hans Jans and Hantje Jans
  1. Aaltje Alberts. Baptised Leek 22.08.1779.
  2. Uge Alberts Deen. Baptised Leek 10.09.1780. Married there 24.04.1814 with Geesien Hendriks Casimier, daughter of Hendrik Berends Casimier and Marrigjen Warnders.
  3. Hans Alberts. Baptised Leek 1.09.1782.
  4. Hans Alberts. Baptised Leek 4.07.1784.
  5. Jacob Alberts Deen. Baptised Leek 25.09.1785. Married there 31.01.1817 with Eelkjen Nitters de Boer, daughter of Nittert Gerrits de Boer and Antje Valks.
  6. Hans Alberts. Baptised Leek 23.11.1788.
  7. Hantje Alberts. Baptised Leek 13.03.1791.
  8. Aaltje Alberts. Baptised Leek 27.10.1793.
  9. Jan Alberts. Baptised Leek 17.07.1796.

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