Marten Eelkes.
Married with:
Martje Jannes. Baptised Leek 14.10.1759, daughter of Jannes Jans and Hindrikje Riemers
  1. Jannes Martens van Houten. Born/baptised Leek 20/23.07.1786, died Nietap 27.01.1868. Married Leek 23.05.1813 with Johanna Jans Nijskamp.
  2. Eelke Martens. Baptised Leek 15.11.1789.
  3. A...? Martens. Baptised Leek 24.02.1793.
  4. Hindrikje Martens van Houten. Baptised Leek 21.05.1797. Married there 29.10.1815 with Geert Hendriks, son of Hendrik Geerts and Grietje Roelfs.

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