Sirp Reinders Elema. Baptised Rottum 30.09.1736, died Westeremden 1.01.1816, son of Reinder Haijes Sirps Elema and Trijntje Hendriks Hommes.
Married Westeremden 17.12.1769 with:

Fokeltje Jans. Baptised Westeremden 5.08.1742, died there 7.04.1817, daughter of Jan Cornelis and Freke Clasen. She was married (1) 26.01.1766 with Jan Reinders.
  1. Reinder Sirps Elema. Baptised Westeremden 13.01.1771. Married Wittewierum 19.11.1796 with Geertje Berends Burema, daughter of Berend Jacobs and Hilje Hendriks.
  2. Freke Sirps Elema. Born/baptised Westeremden 23/28.03.1773, died there 10.06.1823. Married there 7.11.1802 with Heertje Pieters Steenhuis.
  3. Jan Cornelis Sirps Elema. Baptised Westeremden 13.11.1774, died Winsum 29.04.1856. Married (1) Garrelsweer 2.04.1798 with Geertje Aljes Hofman, daughter of Alje Tjaards and Frouke Jans. Married (2) Winsum 13.08.1813 with Anje Jacob Boer, daughter of Jacob Jurjens and Pieterke Mennes.
  4. Trijntje Sirps Elema. Baptised Westeremden 29.03.1776. Married there 30.01.1803 with Jan Writsers Bottema.
  5. Grietje Sirps Elema. Baptised Westeremden 11.03.1781.
  6. Jantje Sirps Elema. Baptised Westeremden 25.12.1785, died Warffum 23.06.1819. Married Warffum 30.04.1812 with Freerk IJzebrands Schattenburg, son of Isebrand Freerks and Janneke Jans.

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