Claas Sebes. Probably born Kantens, son of Sebe Clasen and Zijdtje Jacobs.
Married with:

Trijntje Clasen Elema. Baptised Toornwerd 17.07.1687, daughter of Claas Gerrits and Freke Reinders.
  1. Sebe Clasen. Married Loppersum 26.09.1739 with Magdalena Bonthuis, daughter of Derk Jacob Bonthuis and Antje Aljes Zandt.
  2. Claas Clasen. Baptised Stedum 24.04.1718.
  3. Freke Clasen. Baptised Stedum 10.08.1721. Married Westeremden 16.07.1741 with Jan Cornelis.
  4. Zijdtje Clasen. Baptised Stedum 5.11.1724.
  5. Jacob Clasen. Baptised Stedum 10.02.1732. Married Kantens 20.10.1754 with Trijntje Pieters.

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