Jacob Clasen. Baptised Stedum 10.02.1732, died Kantens 1802, son of Claas Sebes and Trijntje Clasen Elema.
Married Kantens 20.10.1754 with:

Trijntje Pieters Bosman. Baptised Kantens 23.01.1724, died there 1792, daughter of Pieter Egberts and Martje Teunis.
  1. Egbert Jacobs Bosman. Baptised Kantens 23.05.1756. Married there 08.1778 with Geertjen Pieters Bolt.
  2. Claas Jacobs. Baptised Kantens 15.12.1765, died there 19.02.1805. Married there 1.05.1796 with Gepke Valks Bolt.

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