Valk Harkes. Baptised Kantens 15.09.1753, son of Harke Hindriks and Gepke Valks.
Married Kantens 30.06.1773 with:

Aafke Pieters Bolt. Baptised Eppenhuizen 10.03.1754, daughter of Pieter Ennes Bolt and Eijlke Lambartus.
  1. Gebke Valks Bolt. Baptised Kantens 23.10.1774.
  2. Pieter Ennes. Baptised Kantens 16.02.1777.
  3. Ailke Valks. Baptised Kantens 28.11.1779. Married there 3.03.1811 with Jacob Reinders from Rottum.
  4. Antje Valks Bolt. Baptised Kantens 1.09.1782, died 9.10.1820. Married there 21.04.1810 with Douwe Jacobs Elema, born ca 1785, died 22.09.1827, son of Jacob Douwes and Martje Everts Elema.
  5. Pieter Valks. Baptised Kantens 4.06.1786.
  6. Martje Valks. Baptised Kantens 13.03.1791. Married there 21.10.1810 with Jan Derks Uildersma from Westerwijtwert.
  7. Cornelie Valks. Born/baptised Kantens 29.04/14.05.1797. Died young.

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