Jannes Berents. Baptised Tolbert 7.09.1684, son of Berent Reinders and Tetje Mennes. Married (2) Midwolde 21.01.1725 with Grietien Geerts, widow of Gerrit Peters. Married (3) Midwolde 24.03.1737 with Martjen Jacobs, widow of Claes Waelkes.
Married (1) Midwolde 25.04.1706 with:

Aukjen Ubels.
  1. Antje Jannes. Born Zevenhuizen, baptised Leek 13.02.1707.
  2. Renske Jannes. Born Zevenhuizen, baptised Leek 18.11.1708. Married there 6.04.1732 with Meint Tjietses, widower of Jantien Jans, baptised Midwolde 24.08.1684, son of Tiedtse Meijnts and Anna Jansen.
  3. Berent Jannes. Born Zevenhuizen, baptised Leek 23.08.1711.
  4. Tetje Jannes. Born Zevenhuizen 11.02, baptised Leek 18.02.1714.
  5. Ubel Jannes. Born Zevenhuizen 16.04, baptised Leek 19.04.1716.
  6. Clare Jannes. Born Zevenhuizen and baptised Leek 27.02.1718. Married Tolbert 30.10.1746 with Beene Alberts.

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