Jacobus van Weringh, born Nietap 13.02.1807, died Stroobos 16.12.1858, son of Arend van Weringh and Grietje Kruimans.
Married Grootegast 20.09.1841 with:

Grietje Jannes Waterberg. Born Leek 23.09.1815, died Tietjerksteradeel, Friesland 9.01.1885, daughter of Jannes Jacobs Waterberg and Geesjen Lammerts Casemier. Married (2) Grootegast 13.07.1867 with Pieter Kornelis Radema, born Burum, Friesland 9.02.1813 son of Kornelis Valks Radema and Wiske? Pieters.
  1. Grietje van Weringh.
  2. Gesszien van Weringh.
  3. Jannes van Weringh. Married with Menke van der Veen.
  4. Gesszien van Weringh.

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