Luitje Takes van Sluis. Baptised Leek 1.09.1782, son of Take Luitjes and Trientje Jans Olthof.
Married Midwolde 26.03.1809 with:

Adriaantje Imes van der Woude. Baptised Groningen 23.03.1788,daughter of Ime Harms and Marieke Jans Forsten.
Children (among others):
  1. Trijntje Luitjes van Sluis. Married (1) Groningen 29.06.1834 with Johannes Ates. Married (2) Groningen 14.03.1841 with Jan Tjakkes Wieringa.
  2. IJme Luitjes van Sluis. Married Groningen 21.04.1836 with Etje de Haan.
  3. Take Luitjes van Sluis. Died 9.02.1910. Married (1) Groningen 12.01.1840 with Tjaakje Jager. Married (2) with Foktje Tjarks de Boer.

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