Arent Everts. Born Heveskes?, son of Evert Everts and Anje Arends Married Noordbroek? 1708 with:

Jacobjen Cornelis. Baptised Noordbroek 21.11.1686, daughter of Cornelis Lamberts and Geertien Eltjes.
  1. Anje Arents. Baptised Heveskes 21.04.1710.
  2. Anje Arents. Baptised Heveskes 17.08.1711. Married with Tjaart Willems.
  3. Jantien Arents. Baptised Heveskes 3.09.1712. Married with Hendrik Vos.
  4. Corneliske Arents. Baptised Heveskes 25.09.1715. Married with Pieter Geurts.
  5. Evert Arends. Baptised Heveskes 17.05.1719.

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