Reinder Haijes Sirps Elema. Baptised Toornwerd 21.08.1707, son of Sirp Aijckes Elema and Jantje Jacobs.
Married 8.01.1730 with:

Trijntje Hindriks. Baptised Loppersum 20.02.1698, daughter of Hindrik Hommes and NN
  1. Grietje Elema. Baptised Rottum 13.08.1730.
  2. Jantje Elema. Baptised Rottum 21.09.1732. Married Garsthuizen 27.03.1762 with Reinje Harms.
  3. Sirp Reinders Elema. Baptised Rottum 30.09.1736. Married Loppersum 17.12.1769 with Fokeltje Jans.
  4. Anna Elema. Baptised Rottum 18.01.1739.
  5. Hendrik Hommes Reinders Elema. Baptised Rottum 7.02.1740. Married there 14.02.1773 with Hilje Freerk Cleveringa.

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