Klaas Folkerts. Baptised den Andel 28.03.1756, son of Folkert Hindriks and Trijnje Clasen.
Married den Andel 22.05.1785 with:

Trijntje Gabriels Jelsema. Baptised Westernieland 19.03.1756, daughter of Gabriel Mennes and Hindrika Jans.
  1. Trijnje Klaasens. Baptised den Andel 5.02.1786.
  2. Folkert Klaasens van den Bos. Baptised den Andel 15.07.1787. Married Eenrum 27.05.1813 with Metje Isebrands Vos, born Westernieland 16.03.1792 daughter of Isebrand Gerrits Vos and Aaltje Omkes.
  3. Hinderike Klasens van den Bos. Born/baptised den Andel 3/9.11.1788. Married Baflo 20.08.1836 with Lubbert Jans Buiringe, born Ulrum 29.03.1793, son of Jan Buiringe and Grietje Lubberts.
  4. Gabriel Klasens. Baptised den Andel 2.10.1791.
  5. Gabriel Klasens. Baptised Pieterburen 3.02.1793.
  6. Menne Klasens. Baptised Pieterburen 16.03.1794.

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