Jan Bartelts Heertjes. Baptised Middelstum 16.02.1721, son of Heertje Jans and Grietje Hindriks.
Married Westerwijtwerd 2.12.1759 with:

Jantijn Everts. Baptised Westerwijtwerd 22.10.1724, daughter of Evert Reinders and Grietie Derks.
  1. Grietje Jans. Baptised Westerwijtwerd 11.03.1762. Married with Geert Pieters.
  2. Evert Jans. Baptised Westerwijtwerd 03.03.1765, died there 05.1807, married there 26.03.1797 with Freke Harms.

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