Harm Harms. Baptised ten Boer 27.11.1735, died/buried Stedum 4/7.06.1811, son of Harm Harms and Martje Hindriks. Farmer on the farm "Crangeweer".
Married Krewerd 25.10.1761 with:

Sjouke Reinders. Baptised Krewerd 18.01.1733, died Stedum 31.05.1795, daughter of Reinder Sebes and Trijntje Gerrits.
  1. Trijntje Harms. Born/baptised Stedum 23/25.12.1762, died 1829. Married (banns 31.03) 1787 with Willem Hindriks Willemsen, Baptised Stedum 20.09.1761, died 1839, son of Hindrik Willems and Wieke Clasen.
  2. Harm Harms de Jonge. Born/baptised Stedum 25.08/2.09.1764. Married (1) there 3.10.1789 with Anje Jans. Married (2) Westeremden 3.04.1794 with Jacoba Hindriks Wigboldus, baptised there 15.11.1772, daughter of Hindrik Hommes and Geesje Jacobs.
  3. Reinder Harms. Born/baptised Stedum 1/8.02.1767. Married ten Boer 11.08.1793 with Trijntje Jans.
  4. Martje Harms. Baptised Stedum 27.03.1769. Married Oosterwijtwerd 13.03.1791 with Sieuwke Tiddes de Boer.
  5. Gerrit Harms. Born/baptised Stedum 29.03/1.04.1771. Married 1797 with Tjaaktien Reintiens, daughter of Reintien Simons and Jantien Ennes.
  6. Freke Harms. Baptised Stedum 30.10.1774. Married with Evert Jans.

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