Evert Jans. Baptised Westerwijtwerd 3.03.1765, died there 05.1807, son of Jan Heertjes and Jantijn Everts.
Married there 26.03.1797 with:

Freke Harms. Baptised Stedum 30.10.1774 daughter of Harm Harms and Sjouke Reinders. She married (2) 25.12.1810 with Jacob Hendriks Koopman.
  1. Jan Steenhuis. Born/baptised Westerwijtwerd 1/8.04.1798, died there 22.07.1848. Married Middelstum 10.11.1824 with Anje Hommes Heidema, born Onderwierum 10.061804, died Bedum 2.04.1867, daughter of Homme Wiltes and Jacomina Rikkerts Cleveringa.
  2. Gerrit Harms Steenhuis. Born/baptised Westerwijtwerd 6/9.03.1800, died Bedum 3.04.1884. Married Middelstum 29.10.1825 with Jantje Arends Kooi, born Westerwijtwerd 8.10.1779, died Bedum 14.01.1851, daughter of Arent Jans and Sieke Jans, and widow of Freerk Hilbrands Bouwman.
  3. Harm Steenhuis. Born/baptised 17.07/7.08.1803, died Zandeweer 24.04.1847. Married (1) Kantens 14.12.1830 with Meiske Arends Ungersma, born/baptised there 5/25.11.1810 daughter of Arend Arends Ungersma and Grietje Gerrits. Married (2) Leens 15.05.1839 with Trientje Eppes Doornbos, born 't Zandt 18.08.1811, died Zandeweer 16.02.1856, daughter of Eppe Sijmens Doornbos and Trijntje Jans van der Molen. She married (2) Kantens 7.12.1850 with Ipe Martinus Oosterhuis.
  4. Derk Everts. Born/baptised Westerwijtwerd 28.11.1805, died there 23.05.1807.

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