Evert Reinders. Baptised Zandeweer 27.07.1690, son of Reiner Geerts and Trijntje Everts.
Married Groningen 30.01.1710 with

Grietie Derks. At marriage from Westerwijtwerd.
  1. Derk Everts. Baptised Zandeweer 15.02.1712.
  2. Reinder Everts. Baptised Zandeweer 24.01.1714. Married Westerwijtwerd 2.12.1759 with Stijntje Heertjes.
  3. Jan Everts. Baptised Zandeweer 27.10.1715.
  4. Jan Everts. Baptised Westerwijtwerd 21.03.1717. Married Oosterwijtwerd 17.09.1756 with Anje Tiddes, widow of Klaas Driewes.
  5. Klaas Everts. Baptised Westerwijtwerd 2.05.1721. Married Westerwijtwerd 15.11.1750 with Martjen Jeltes from St. Annen.
  6. Harm Everts. Baptised Westerwijtwerd 30.08.1722.
  7. Jantje Everts. Baptised Westerwijtwerd 22.10.1724. Married with Jan Heertjes.

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