Klaas Fokkes Jukkema. Baptised Westeremden 6.07.1766, died 't Zandt 1837, son of Fokke Sikkes and Altjen Clasen.
Married there 26.05.1793 with:

Anje Hindriks. Baptised Eenum 11.10.1767, daughter of Hindrik Harms and Jantje Omges.
  1. Aaltje Klasens Jukkema. Born/baptised Westeremden 27.04/4.05.1794, died 1850. Married with Melle Dijkema.
  2. Hindrik Klasens Jukkema. Born/baptised Westeremden 1/4.09.1796, died 't Zandt 1882. Married (1) Anje Pieters Koster, born 't Zandt 5.02.1807, died there 1837. Married (2) Geertje Sjabbes Schut, born Godlinse 1822, died 't Zandt 1857.
  3. Fokke Klasens Jukkema. Born/baptised Westeremden 26.10/4.11.1798, died 't Zandt 1844.
  4. Jantje Klasens Jukkema. Born 't Zandt 14.12.1800.
  5. Fenje Klasens Jukkema. Born 't Zandt 12.09.1802. Married with Jan Jeltes Ritsema.
  6. Harm Klasens Jukkema. Born 't Zandt 1805, died 1840.
  7. Sikje Klasens. Born 't Zandt 1808.

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