Ludde Wolters. son of Wolter Luddes. Possibly married a second time, as I have found no granddaughters named Geertien.
Married Eenum 5.02.1688 with:

Geertien Pieters. Widow of Alje Arents.
  1. Stijntje Luddes. Baptised Appingadam 20.02.1689.
Other known children, possibly by a second wife:
  1. Aafke Luddes. Married with Jan Sickes.
  2. Aalke Luddes. Married Loppersum 1.12.1731 with Hebel Huges.
  3. Eltjen Luddes. Married (1) with Arent Menkes. Married (2) with Fokke Hindriks.
  4. Lysabeth Luddes. Still living 1774. Married with Jan Eibels.
  5. (Possibly) Jan Luddes. Only included because he had a son named Ludde Wolters in Loppersum 1711.

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