Heertje Mennes. Son of Menne Heertjes. Still living 1666.
Married with:

Aafke Pieters. Possibly a daughter of a Pieter Pieters. Still living 1666.
Children (order unknown):
  1. Grietje Heertjes. Married (1) with Julle Tjarx. Married (2) Stedum 28.11.1668 with Claas Luitjes.
  2. Geertje Heertjes. Married Stedum 8.03.1667 with Ubbo Garbrants.
  3. Anje Heertjes. Married Stedum 3.12.1675 with Johan Pieters.
  4. Nanje Heertjes. Married Stedum 26.06.1681 with Jan Bartels.
  5. Pieter Heertjes. Married (1) Stedum 28.09.1682 with Dieuwertien Ubbes. Married (2) Stedum 11.10.1691 with Marrichien Jans.
  6. Bouke Heertjes. Married Wirdum 11.06.1682 with Jelmer Steenhuisen.

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