Harm Harms. Son of Harm Harms and Vree Meertens.
Married Middelbert 27.04.1726 with:
Martje Hindriks. Baptised Middelbert 20.11.1701, daughter of Hindrik Harms and Hindrickien Louwens.
  1. Harm Harms. Baptised Ten Boer 27.11.1735.
  2. Hindrikje Harms. Baptised Ten Boer 28.08.1740, buried there 18.05.1776. Married (hc Garmerwolde 14.07.1763) with Cornellis Jans Abbring, baptised Ten Boer 01.1722, died Garmerwolde ca 1805, son of Jan Luitjes Abbring and Martje Cornellis Cruisinga.

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