Gerrit Tjaarts. Farmer on Garbindeweer. Son of Tjaart Jacobs and Sijberich Peters.
Married Heveskes 16.03.1692 with:
Sjouke Heines.
  1. Sijbrig Gerrits. Baptised Heveskes 26.02.1693.
  2. Sijbrig Gerrits. Baptised Heveskes 8.03.1695. Married with Drewes Clasens.
  3. Martje Gerrits. Baptised Heveskes 25.04.1697. Married (1) with Adam Haies. Married (2) Holwierde 8.12.1730 with Pieter Jans.
  4. Trijntje Gerrits. Baptised Heveskes 22.12.1700.
  5. Anje Gerrits. Born Holwierde? Married with Lubbert Berents.

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