Arien Hindriks. Baptised Leens 20.12.1691, son of Hindrik Derks and Itien Ariens.
Married Leens 13.11.1718 with:
Grietje Meeuwes. Born Vierhuizen, daughter of Meeuwes Renjes and Hindrickje Clasen.
  1. Hindrickjen Ariens. Baptised Leens 21.04.1719. Married Bellingweer 17.05.1750 with Hindrik Jans.
  2. Itien Ariens. Baptised Vierhuizen 7.09.1731.
  3. Geeske Ariens. Born Vierhuizen, baptised Ulrum 19.11.1723.
  4. Claaske Ariens. Baptised Vierhuizen 3.03.1726. Died between 1773 and 1785. Married Hornhuizen 12.04.1751 with Harm Jeltes.
  5. Bieuwke Ariens. Baptised Vierhuizen 18.04.1728.
  6. Anje Ariens. Baptised Vierhuizen 21.11.1734. Married Ulrum 25.04.1767 with Sieuwke Mennes.

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