Alje Pieters Zand. Baptised Loppersum 24.02.1715, son of Pieter Aljes Zand and Kornelia Boelema.
Married Loppersum 17.04.1739 with:

Hillichien Balsters Elema.
  1. Pieter Aljes Zand. Baptised Loppersum 15.12.1740. Married (1) Loppersum 20.04.1771 with Stijntje Eppes, baptised there 22.11.1775, daughter of Eppe Bojes and Kunje Jannes. Married (2) Wittewierum 2.07.1780 with Tetje Jans.
  2. Balster Aljes Zand. Baptised Loppersum 22.09.1743. Married Loppersum 13.07.1766 with Grietje Jakobs Lommert.
  3. Cornelius. Baptised Loppersum 11.04.1746.
  4. Bronno. Baptised Loppersum 14.10.1749.
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