Jan Pieters Zand. Baptised Loppersum 3.04.1729, son of Pieter Aljes Zand and Kornelia Boelema.
Married Loppersum 27.09.1755 with:

Hilje Sikkens. Baptised Middelstum 22.04.1736, daughter of Sikke Memmes and Grietje Boelens Boelema.
  1. Cornelia. Baptised Middelstum 15.10.1758.
  2. Cornelia Jans Zand. Baptised Middelstum 21.10.1764. Married (1) Losdorp 16.03.1787 with Mekke Harms, baptised there 19.08.1759, son of Harm Luitjes and Roelfke Raangs. Married (2) Losdorp 28.01.1798 with Heere Luitjes.
  3. Sicko. Baptised Middelstum 24.04.1768.
  4. Pieter Jans Zand. Baptised Middelstum 1.03.1771. Married Loppersum 1.06.1794 with Grietje Pieters Tichelaar baptised there 27.04.1777, daughter of Pieter Willems Tichelaar and Cornelia Hindriks Zand.
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