Koene Duurts Ritzema. Baptised Leens 26.06.1761, son of Duurt Jans and Grietje Jacobs.
Married Hornhuizen 12.12.1784 with:

Epke Meertens Bouwman. Baptised Hornhuizen 25.11.1764, daughter of Meerten Franzen and Grietje Wibbes.

  1. Grietje. Baptised Warfhuizen 30.10.1785.
  2. Martje. Baptised Warfhuizen 1.06.1788.
  3. Duurt. Baptised Warfhuizen 5.12.1790.
  4. Grietje. Baptised Warfhuizen 24.02.1793.
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