Jan Frederik Niemeijer. Born 6.03.1787 near Minden (Germany), died Groningen 23.02.1845, son of Johan Hendrik Niemeijer and Margaretha Elske Draaijers.
Married Eenrum 4.12.1814 with:

Grietje Wibbes Bouwman. Baptised Hornhuizen 21.05.1789, died there 4.11.1820, daughter of Wibbe Meertens and Anje Pieters.

  1. Johannes Niemeijer. Born Eenrum 18.04.1815, died Nijmegen 12.07.1835.
  2. Wibbe Jans Niemeijer. Born Hornhuizen 28.04.1818, died den Ham 28.11.1878. Married Ezinge 23.05.1844 with Geeske Jakobs Pannekoek, born Fransum 11.01.1817 daughter of Jakob Heukes Pannekoek and Anje Harms.
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