Jacob Klaassens Bosman. Born/baptised Kantens 22.02/5.03.1797, died Oldehove 6.11.1842, son of Klaas Jacobs and Gepke Valks Bolt.
Married Leens 12.02.1820 with:
Anna Jans Beukema. Baptised Warfhuizen 23.03.1800, died there 2.10.1859, daughter of Jan Pieters Beukema and IJtje Jans de Jonge.
  1. Gepke Jacobs Bosman. Born Warfhuizen 3.03.1820. Married Oldehove 26.04.1851 with Jan Harms Faber, born Ezinge 17.07.1815, son of Harm Klasen Faber and Aaltje Jans Smit.
  2. Jan Bosman. Born Warfhuizen 13.02.1822, died there 8.02.1823.
  3. Jan Jacobs Bosman. Born Warfhuizen 23.11.1823. Married (1) Warffum 18.05.1855 with Willemina van der Tuuk, born Ferwerd 4.02.1828, died Oldehove 26.12.1862, daughter of Jan van der Tuuk and Jacobina Reinders. Married (2) Oldehove 23.12.1863 with Henderika Dol, born there ca 1838, daughter of Jan Jans Dol and Fenje Hendriks Olthuis. Married (3) Oldekerk 16.01.1869 with Stientje Hofman, born Leens ca 1843, daughter of Jan Jans Hofman and Aaltje Tjipkes Alderts.
  4. Valko Bosman. Born Warfhuizen 26.06.1826, died there 6.11.1830.
  5. Ida Jakobs Bosman. Born Warfhuizen 23.02.1829. Married Bedum 30.11.1850 with Roelf Azings Lanting, born Westerdijkshorn ca 1811, son of Azing Roelfs and Anje Pieters.
  6. Valko Bosman. Born Warfhuizen 11.01.1832, died there 5.07.1833.
  7. Valko Bosman. Born Warfhuizen 28.06.1834, died Niehove 17.12.1858.
  8. Klaas Bosman. Born Warfhuizen 8.08.1837, died there 21.10.1837.
  9. Petronella Bosman. Born Warfhuizen 20.09.1839, died Zuidlaren 8.10.1907. Married Oldehove 22.04.1861 with Jacob Folkerts, born there ca 1837, son of Dirk Folkerts Folkerts and Elizabeth Wibbes Bruining.
  10. Aafelina Bosman. Born Oldehove 25.05.1842, died Nietap 4.12.1924. Married Baflo 29.12.1863 with Roelf ter Weer, born Tinallinge 10.04.1835, son of Jan Roelf ter Weer and Hendrika Eisses Sijbolts.

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