Egbert Jacobs Bosman. Baptised Kantens 23.05.1756, died there 3.12.1821, son of Jacob Clasen and Trijntje Pieters Bosman.
Married Kantens 08.1778 with:
Geertje Pieters Bolt. Born Startenhuizen/baptised Eppenhuizen 8.06/5.09.1756, died Kantens 6.12.1821, daughter of Pieter Ennes Bolt and Eijlke Lambertus
  1. Trientje Egberts Bosman. Baptised Kantens 4.02.1781. Married Middelstum? 1804 with Derk Hendrikus Wibbens.
  2. Pieter Egberts Bosman. Born Rottum. Married 't Zandt? 1807 with Geertruda Drewes.
  3. Jacobtjen Egberts Bosman. Born Rottum ca 1796. Married Kantens 19.09.1816 with Berend van Bolhuis, born Aduard ca 1795, son of Jan van Bolhuis and Meintje Berends.

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