Pieter Egberts Bosman. Born Rottum, son of Egbert Jacobs Bosman and Geertje Pieters Bolt.
Married 't Zandt 1807 with:
Geertruida Drewes.
  1. Klara Arelina Bosman. Born 't Zandt ca 1808. Married there 17.06.1831 with Kornelis Hindriks Nieborg, born 't Zandt ca 1806, son of Hindrik Luitjens Nieborg and Pieterke Kornelis Nieborg.
  2. Egbert Pieters Bosman. Born 't Zandt ca 1810. Married (1) there 9.03.1842 with Trijntje Pieters Bos, born Leermens ca 1811, daughter of Pieter Willems and Jantje Jans. Married (2) 't Zandt 22.05.1856 with Jantje van der Burg, born Stedum ca 1825, daughter of Jan Reinders van der Burg and Trijntje Alles Beukema.
  3. Geertdina Pieters Bosman. Born 't Zandt ca 1812. Married there 30.11.1841 with Jan Freerks Boer, born Loppersum ca 1805, son of Freerk Jans and Antje Everts.
  4. Jacob Pieters Bosman. Born 't Zandt ca 1820. Married Uithuizermeeden 11.02.1850 with Jantjen Simons de Vries, born Uithuizen ca 1812, daughter of Sijmon Jans de Vries and Grietje Aljes.
  5. Siemon Pieters Bosman. Born 't Zandt ca 1822. Married there 26.05.1853 with Anje Boukema, born Zeerijp ca 1832, daughter of Onne Klaassens Boukema and Grietje Pieters Huizinga.
  6. Katrina Bosman. Born 't Zandt ca 1824. Married there 29.08.1855 with Jan Wijtzes Pettinga, born Obergum ca 1829, son of Jorg Jans Pettinga and Grietje Jakobs Bos.

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