Derk Hendrikus Wibbens. Born/baptised Middelstum 7/12.10.1777, son of Hindrikus Wibbens and Geertruit Pieters.
Married Middelstum 1804 with:
Trijntje Egberts Bosman. Baptised Kantens 4.02.1781, daughter of Egbert Jacobs Bosman and Geertje Pieters Bolt.
  1. Egbert Derks Wibbens. Born Middelstum ca 1806. Married there 9.06.1830 with Anje Reinders Siccama, born Toornwerd, baptised Middelstum 17.01.1808, daughter of Reinder Jans and Bouke Freerks van Dellen.
  2. Gerhard Derks Wibbens. Born Middelstum ca 1812. Married (1) Kantens 25.06.1836 with Fenna Beerends Stollinga, born Stitswerd ca 1814, daughter of Berend Jacobs Stollinga and Sijpke Siewerts Huizinga. Married (2) Warffum 1.09.1842 with Grietje Willems Coiter, born Usquert ca 1807, daughter of Willem Jans Coiter and Jantje Jacobs. Married (3) Warffum 13.11.1861 with Sofia Magretha van der Vegt, born Andel 1835, daughter of Andries Jacobus van der Vegt and Gezina Nicolaas Wiersema.
  3. Geertruida Derks Wibbens. Born Middelstum ca 1815. Married (1) Kantens 3.12.1836 with Beerend Pieters Smedema, born Rottum ca 1807, son of Pieter Sikkes and Hilje Harms Knol. Married (2) Kantens 28.01.1852 with Julle Derks Knol, born Rottum ca 1799, son of Derk Julles Knol and Geertje Sikkes Knol.
  4. Heilina Wibbens. Born Middelstum ca 1821. Married there 19.04.1844 with Gerhard Jans Duursema. Born Loppersum ca 1819, son of Jan Kornelis Duursema and Trijntje Heines Elema.
  5. Geertje Derks Wibbens. Born Middelstum ca 1823. Married there 23.05.1845 with Jacob Jans Bos, born Onderwierum ca 1821, son of Jan Jacobs Bos and Maria Cornelis Stuivinga.

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