Klaas Everts. Doopgezinde. Died 't Zandt 9.09.1762, son of Evert Clasen and Anje Peters.
Married with:
Rientje Jacobs. Daughter of Jacob Rengers and Diewerke Egges.
  1. Jacob Klaasen. Married with Antje IJsbrands.
  2. Dieverke Klaassen. Married with Tonnis Harms.
  3. Evert Claasens. Born 20.05.1744. Married with Sieben Jans Wiersema.
  4. Grietje Claasens. Married with Pieter Seebes Oudman.
  5. Hilje Klaassen.
  6. Walle Claasens.
  7. Tonnis Klaasen. Born 1753, died 11.11.1808. Married with Hilje Luitjens.
  8. Martje Klaasen Dijkema. Born 15.02.1756. Married with Pieter Harms Kuiper.

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