Jacob Egges Arkema. Son of Egge Jacobs and Assche Bartelts.
Married with:
Wibge Luilfs.
  1. Martje Jakobs Arkema. Born Usquert 23.12.1792. Married (1) Uithuizermeeden 19.01.1820 with Harm Berents Oldhof, born Oosternieland 12.03.1795, son of Berent Willems and Aafien Harms. Married (2) Uithuizermeeden 9.12.1829 with Albert Nannes Dijkhuis, born Zuidbroek 30.03.1798, widower of Grietje Meints Wildeveld, son of Nanne Alberts Dijkhuis and Brechtje Poppes.
  2. Egge Jacobs Arkema. Born Usquert ca 1796. Married (1) 't Zandt 22.10.1823 with Nieske Rengers Rengers, born 't Zandt ca 1798, daughter of Renger Jacobs Rengers and Diewerke Immes. Married (2) 't Zandt 6.06.1829 with Anje Teunis van Hoorn, born Zijldijk ca 1803, daughter of Teunis Tammes van Hoorn and Grietje Klasen Venhuizen.
  3. Luilf Jakobs Arkema. Born Usquert ca 1798. Married 't Zandt 26.05.1824 with Anje Rengers Rengers, born 't Zandt ca 1802, daughter of Renger Jacobs Rengers and Diewerke Immes.
  4. Siewert Jakobs Arkema. Born Kantens 29.03.1803. Married Bierum 27.07.1829 with Grietje Tijs Allersma, born Godlinze 7.07.1804, daughter of Tijs Klaassens Allersma and Bouke Egges Arkema.
  5. Lubbert Jacobs Arkema. Born Rottum ca 1807. Married Usquert 3.07.1828 with Siepke Machiels Toppinga, born Usquert ca 1808, daughter of Machiel Jacobs Toppinga and Aaltje Jans.

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