Ties Klaasens Allersma.
Married with:
Bouke Egges Arkema. Daughter of Egge Jacobs and Martjen Sijwerts.
  1. Grietje Tijs Allersma. Born Godlinze 7.07.1804. Married Bierum 27.07.1829 with Siewert Jakobs Arkema, born Kantens 23.03.1803, son of Jakob Egges Arkema and Wibge Leulfs.
  2. Jacob Ties Allersma. Born Godlinze ca 1813. Married 't Zandt 26.05.1849 with Lijzabeth Derks Koolman, born 't Zandt ca 1812, daughter of Derk Harkes Koolman and Frouwke Kornelis Eenkema, and widow of Luitje Tonnis Dijkema.
  3. Pieter Thies Allersma. Born Godlinze ca 1818. Married Uithuizermeeden 13.04.1844 with Jantje Pieters Sikkema, born Uithuizermeeden ca 1820, daughter of Pieter Alderts Sikkema and Anje Pieters.

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