Claas Sebes. Son of Sebe Clasens and NN Clasens.
Married with:
Anje Egges. Born 21.06.1755, died 7.07.1828, daughter of Egge Jacobs and Anje Jacobs.
Children (order unknown):
  1. Anje Klaasen Venhuizen. Married 1792 with Pieter Harms Voorwerk.
  2. Sebe Klaasen Venhuizen. Married with Dieuwerke Everts Kinkema.
  3. Dieuwerke Klaasens Venhuizen. Married with Jacob Jacobs Rengers.
  4. Grietje Klaasens Venhuizen. Married with Teunis Tammes van Hoorn.
  5. Egge Klaasen Venhuizen. Born ca 1791. Married 't Zandt 13.08.1814 with Anje Jurrijns Koolman, born ca 1789 daughter of Jurrijn Fiepkes Koolman and Abeltje Luurts Meinders.
  6. Jaapkomina Klaasens Venhuizen. Born ca 1797. Married 't Zandt 14.11.1816 with Luird Johannes Gaaikema, born ca 1786, son of Johannes Harkes Gaaikema and Itje Luirds.

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