Onne Harms. Possibly the one baptised den Andel 29.05.1729, son of Harm Peters and Bauke Edzes.
Married Pieterburen 22.12.1754 to:

Aaltje Geerts. Baptised Pieterburen 17.03.1732, daughter of Geert Willems and Anje Gabriels.
  1. Harm Onnes van Duinen. Baptised Pieterburen 21.02.1755. Married to Anje Kornelis Dwarshuis.
  2. Anje Onnes. Baptised Pieterburen 30.07.1758.
  3. Geert Onnes. Baptised Pieterburen 12.06.1761.
  4. Pieter Onnes. Baptised Westernieland 2.09.1764.
  5. Geert Onnes Top. Baptised Westernieland 14.06.1772, died Kloosterburen 19.03.1842. Married to Grietje Geerts van Sloten.

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