Tonnis Roelfs de Haan. Baptised Mensingeweer 7.05.1775, son of Roelf Tonnis and Tietje Geerts
Married Hornhuizen 4.10.1801 to:

Anje Jans. Baptised Hornhuizen 17.04.1778, daughter of Jan Valentijns and Sijbentje Klaassen.
  1. Sijmenje Tonnis. Born/baptised Kloosterburen 5/27.01.1805.
  2. Roelf Tonnis de Haan. Born/baptised Kloosterburen 9/26.12.1807, died there 10.09.1814.
  3. Jan Tonnis de Haan. Born Kloosterburen 13.08.1811, died Hornhuizen 13.11.1883. Married (1) Kloosterburen 8.03.1838 to Anje Kornelis van Duinen daughter of Kornelis Harms van Duinen and Geertje Olgers. Married (2) Kloosterburen 3.11.1849 to Aneke Aikema, daughter of Jan Aikema and Geertje Derks Agterhof. Married (3) Kloosterburen 27.03.1858 to Korneliske Pietersen, daughter of Pieter Berents Pietersen and Aagtje Jans Visser.
  4. Willem Tonnis de Haan. Soldier. Born Kloosterburen ca 1814, died Grave 3.01.1837.
  5. Roelf Tonnis de Haan. Born Kloosterburen ca 1820, died there 2.06.1861. Married Kloosterburen 10.05.1849 to Trijntje Dijkhuis, daughter of Hendrik Jacobs Dijkhuis and Mijntje Jurriens.
  6. Klaas Tonnis de Haan. Born Kloosterburen ca 1822, died there 1.08.1825.

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