Arent Pieters Noordhuis. Farmer. Baptised Pieterburen 16.11.1750, died Westernieland 2.02.1830. son of Pieter Arents and Jantje Geerts.
Married (h.c. 5.01.)1779 to:

Aaltje Hommes. Baptised Westernieland 1.07.1754, died there 11.11.1816, daughter of Homme Eijsses and Stijnje Harms.
  1. Pieter Arents Noordhuis. Born Westernieland ca 1780, died there 22.05.1860. Married to Tietje Jakobs Veuge.
  2. Homme Arents Noordhuis. Baptised? Westernieland 26.09.1781? Married (1) Eenrum 6.04.1814 to Ebeltje Rentjes Kadijk, baptised Pieterburen 17.11.1782, daughter of Rentje Jansen and Corneliske Jans. Married (2) Eenrum 27.11.1828 to Anje Everts Elema, born Middelstum 6.05.1797, daughter of Evert Jakobs Elema and Seike Jans Sikkema.
  3. Jantje Arends Noordhuis. Baptised? Westernieland 25.03.1785? Married (1) Warffum 4.08.1814 to Meerten Derks Ritzema, baptised? Warffum 9.10.1774, son of Derk Meertens Ritzema and Martjen Jacobs. Married (2) Warffum 22.12.1832 to Pieter Harms Ripperda, born Maarhuizen, son of Harm Pieters Ripperda and Hilje Geerts Zijl.
  4. Klaas Arents. Baptised Westernieland 21.02.1790.
  5. Klaas Arents Noordhuis. Baptised Westernieland 24.03.1791, died there 10.01.1874. Married Eenrum 29.09.1831 to Martje Klaassens Kuipers, born Wierhuizen, daughter of Klaas Arends Kuipers and Aaltje Pieters, and widow of Folkert Jans van der Borg.

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