Eppe Gabriels Jelsema. Born Westernieland ca 1770, died there 1.04.1832. son of Gabriel Mennes and Henrica Jans.
Married Westernieland 12.12.1790 to:

Trijnje Sjabbes Dijkema, born Westernieland 18.09.1767, baptised Pieterburen 21.09.1767, died Westernieland 14.04.1821, daughter of Sjabbe Jans and Gepke Alberts.
  1. Gabriel Eppes Jelsema. Baptised Westernieland 13.03.1791, died Pieterburen 13.02.1842. Married Eenrum 21.08.1814 to Bieuwke Davids Stheeman.
  2. Hinderika Eppes Jelsema. Baptised Westernieland 24.04.1796, died Leens 20.12.1825. Married Leens 15.11.1823 to Derk Jakobs Vork.
  3. Gepke Eppes Jelsema. Born Westernieland ca 1797, died Eenrum 5.02.1828. Married Eenrum 25.09.1817 to Harm Jans Leuring.
  4. Sjabbe Eppes Jelsema. Baptised Westernieland 16.09.1798, died there 31.01.1820.
  5. Janna Eppes Jelsema. Born/baptised Pieterburen 30.09/21.10.1804. Married Kloosterburen 21.03.1835 to Johannes Ennes Musschenga.
  6. Johannes Eppes Jelsema. Born/baptised Pieterburen 28.11/17.12.1809, died there 13.08.1832.

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