Harm Klasen Faber. Baptised Oldehove 8.05.1785, died den Ham 5.12.1869. Son of Klaas Leenderts and Antje Harms Boerema.
Married Wymeer 18.05.1812 to:

Aaltje Jans Smit, born Wymeer 12.05.1788, died den Ham 4.10.1861. Daughter of Jan Jans Smit and Freerktje Pieters Steur.
  1. Klaas Harms Faber. Born Ezinge 4.03.1813.
  2. Jan Harms Faber. Wagonmaker. Born Ezinge 17.07.1815. Married to Gepke Jacobs Bosman
  3. Leendert Harms Faber. Born Ezinge 13.04.1818.
  4. Freerktje Harms Faber. Born den Ham 19.04.1821, died 09.1825.
  5. Pieter Harms Faber. Born den Ham 8.02.1824.
  6. Freerktje Harms Faber. Born den Ham 22.12.1827.
  7. Johannes Harms Faber. Born den Ham 15.12.1830, died 03.1842.

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