Klaas Leenderts. Baptised Oldehove 1.05.1746. Son of Leendert Jacobs and Talje Claasen.
Married Oldehove 17.03.1776 to:

Antje Harms Boerema, baptised Visvliet 16.09.1755, died Oldehove 27.01.1827. Daughter of Harm Jelles and Antje Jans.
  1. Antje Klasens. Born/baptised Oldhove 5/11.05.1777.
  2. Leendert Klasens. Born/baptised Oldehove 7/14.01.1781.
  3. Harm Klaassens Faber. Wagonmaker. Baptised Oldehove 8.05.1785. Married to Aaltje Jans Smit.
  4. Talje Klasens. Baptised Oldehove 24.04.1791, died there 18.12.1809.
  5. Jantje Klaasens Faber. Baptised Oldehove 8.12.1793, died there 16.12.1826. Married Oldehove 4.12.1819 to Kornellis Hendriks Vos.

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