Pieter Wessels. Born den Horn, baptised Oostwold, Hoge en Lagemeeden 29.09.1726, son of Wessel Alberts and Wijtse Geerts.
Married to:

Claaske Leenderts. Baptised Oldehove 9.04.1730. Daughter of Leendert Jacobs and Talje Claasen.
  1. Wietske Pieters. Baptised Oldehove 18.04.1756.
  2. Talje Pieters. Baptised Oldehove 8.01.1758, died Garnwerd 20.11.1833. Married Delfzijl 16.10.1791 to Jacob Alders Dijk, baptised Garnwerd 9.11.1755, died there 30.04.1820, son of Aldert Menks and Antje Jacobs.
  3. Wessel Pieters. Baptised Oldehove 11.10.1761.
  4. Leendert Pieters. Baptised Oldehove 5.04.1767.
  5. Jantje Pieters. Baptised Oldehove 6.11.1768.

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